10 Best Screen Recorders For Windows 10 Free & Paid

Well, if you want to record video on PC of the entire screen, you can hold and press “Windows”, “Shift” and “F” keys together. It is quite common to record screen videos for tutorials, streaming videos, games and more. You can capture all onscreen activities and share to hundreds of thousands of people effortlessly. Yes, you can download and install a third-party app like PlayOn to record streaming TV.

  • You are rewriting your entire hard drive with a new operating system and there are challenges that come with that.
  • Launch OBS and add the new device as the Audio Output Capture source.
  • Although these methods would not be as easy as tapping “PrtSc,” these tools will carry out the job hassle-free.
  • Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that enables two or more devices to connect to each other.

However, this file is buried deep within the system files. All you have to do is find the installation file and execute it. The next tip is that you must have to pay proper attention and which is to make sure that Keyboard may be adequately connected to your system. If it is not connected accurately, then it lags to load the drivers. Plus, check the USB ports too, if there is any fault in them, and download msoe_dll here change it instantly.

Reinstall Fresh Windows 10 Pro On Surface Go With Windows 10 Home S

My Screen Recorder has a unique feature that allows you to capture audio from the Microphone as well as Speakers at the same time. Recording from the microphone along with the audio from the speakers allows you record Internet chat or your favorite music playing on the PC during your screen recording. The first step is to have a plan for your screen recording session. It is an easy to use lightweight screen recorder through which you can record screen, audio, and webcam feed. It is a good lightweight screen recorder that offers a good set of screen and webcam recording features.

If you are facing issues with your Bluetooth, try turning your computer on and off and this is very likely to solve your problems. I don’t see how this relates to the question. Your issue was most likely caused by the VM taking over bluetooth, then releasing it when it wasn’t needed.

Finally, click Save a copy to save your edited video. This will open your video in the Photos app. When the NVIDIA GeForce rig is ready, turn on the in-game overlay or use Alt + Z to get the below screen. You can broadcast live to Facebook and YouTube. The official NVIDIA site has downloads of all necessary game drivers. Download and install GeForce Game Ready driver.


The option to turn Bluetooth on or off is missing. When your computer finds the printer or scanner you want to use, select it and click Add device. If you can’t find Bluetooth in the Action Center, you may need to expand quick actions or add Bluetooth to your Action Center.

Yes, we are talking about Microsoft that offers a flexible operating system to work on. It’s new appearance, touch-screen support and many other notable features makes it a part of biggest software giants. If you purchased a PC with Windows 10 preinstalled, you might have the option to revert to the original image that the manufacturer supplied. By my count, there are four ways to do a clean install . Here are the pros and cons of each method, along with some advice on when to employ each one. Your computer should reboot several times during the process and eventually boot into Windows 10.

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