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Along with the transfer of assets as described above, on March 13, 2014 the Company also signed an Off-take diversion Ammonia Agreement with KPA, Mitsui and Toyota Tsuho Corporation, with effective from March 31, 2014 until April 30, 2025. Ammonia produced by the plant, will be acquired by Mitsui for 60% of annual production capacity. Trade payables, other current financial liabilities, accrued expenses, and short-term employees’ benefits liability.

Using this system, if a plant has been disturbed it should not stop the operation because utility supply from other plant thas has operated normally. Scheduled shutdown urea plant can be lowered into 48% of the target, while unscheduled shutdown managed to reach 57% of tolerance threshold. While for ammonia plant, scheduled shutdown could be held down at 48% and unshceduled shutdown successfully reached just 75% of the target.

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The Nature of business of PT Pelangi Bahana Pukati Agropolitan is engaged in the processing industry of NPK fertilizer and export trading. In 2013, the Company made impairment of investments in PT OCI Kaltim Melamine because there are indication of bankcruptcy. The Company recorded its shares in Jointly-controlled entities by the equity method.

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  • The Company and/or its subsidiaries as a lessor Under an operating lease, the Company and subsidiaries present assets subject to operating leases in their statements of financial position according to the nature of the asset.
  • Pupuk Kaltim would ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the Reporting / Whistleblower and protect from discrimination and oppression in the form of physical/ psychological; Other acts of retaliatory Reported on complaints did.

Once the download is over, click on the Install button. Open the app and select the most stable server you need to connect to Simontok. You don’t need to have root rights of your device to download unlimited VPN.

Cabinet Approves Delinking Social Welfare Pension Schemes From Aadhar

Material facts and information delivered through the mechanism of the Company and reported to regulators. Explanation related to delegated authority, internal and external audit, system and policy of internal control and duty and role of Audit Committee and other committees that the Board of Commissioners set up. Explanation on duty and responsibility of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors. And it was planned that assets transfer will be conducted on 31 March 2014. The plant acquisition will increase the Company’s ammonia production capacity by 660 thousand ton per year.

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Pressure of fuel price raising in June 2013 was heavier than the effect of import procedure simplification and changes in regulations of horticultural imports and other subsidized products to resist inflation rate. Environmental management is also one major concern of the Company. For this excellent environmental management, Pupuk Kaltim deserved Green PROPER Award from the Ministry of Environment of Republic of Indonesia. Meanwhile, through Environmental Stewardship Program, the Company has delivered total fund of Rp 7.4 billion for education, public health, religious, public facilities and infrastructure assistance, and for natural disaster victim aids. The assistance for coastal community was also in order, which was delivered in the form of trainings, capital assistance, and so forth.

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