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Sling TV has a few different plans, and you can enjoy a 7-day trial. Or watch Telemundo and Univision with fuboTV’s 7-day trial. You’ll find TV shows that aired on Telemundo, English-language TV shows converted into Spanish, and there are also a few shows and movies para tus hijos. All you have to do is click on the Latino button at the top of the home screen, and you’ll find all of your Spanish content in one place. The OPTIMO MÀS package has country-specific channels similar to Sling TV, so it has channels like Cine Mexicano, Centroamérica TV, and Perú Mágico. FuboTV has Univision, Telemundo, Galavision, and Unimás.

Canada’s favorite teen drama-soap opera also has a huge following in the US. Now you can watch episodes of the classic series 24/7 on one of the Pluto TV channels. While watching the Degrassi channel, you may recognize some young actors who became bigger stars when they got older. That also includes an actor that later became the hit pop song artist known simply as Drake. With nearly 68 million monthly active users, Pluto TV is the global leader in free, ad-supported television, or FAST.


You’ll notice a lot of these things are shared between the services. You’ll see Bewitched quite a bit, you’ll see Third Rock From The Sun on several services because they all kind of get those really cheap or free licenses to get you that content. You do have a category, Not on Netflix, which I appreciate, and when you click on these it opens it up. The only difference here is that it is commercial-supported, unlike Netflix.

Pluto TV

  • Winning the Google Play Users’ Choice award, I think, is a sign that people are really gravitating toward the service that we’ve built.
  • There’s a scant few streaming services that carry Newsmax.
  • This will hide your streaming activities and protect yourself from website operators, hackers, and your ISP.

Pluto TV download free offers a variety of support channels, including email, FAQs, and social media. The support for this app is not as good as some users might hope. There are no FAQs or any other help pages for the app. There is also no 24/7 customer support, and there have been some complaints about the customer service.

Pluto TV mainly raises money through advertising, these commercials are shown whenever viewers switch channels, or in between the content, they are enjoying. The primary length of commercials depends on the type of ads served and also their medium. While switching between the channels, viewers come across it for 30 to 60 seconds, while it can last up to 3 minutes for movies or other significant content. Pluto TV uses digital linear channels designed to boost the experience of traditional broadcast programming.

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That’s because Cheddar is a newcomer, billing itself as a leader in “post-cable” news. True to its brand, you can stream Cheddar from your web browser or a compatible device like Apple TV. Pluto TV also launched a pop-up SpongeBob channel to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary in Germany and Austria on July 12, 2019, showing episodes from the series’ first five seasons. is an official addon, but is not without privacy and streaming-related risks. While many people who pirate content turn to a Virtual Private Network to protect their privacy, even official addons can benefit from a VPN. In the UK, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea and additional select countries, we are also making Season 4 available for purchase on participating digital platforms beginning Friday, November 26. AdvertisingSupportedRegistrationOptionalAvailable inEnglishPluto TV is an internet television service service owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS. The co-founders are Tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin and Nick Grouf. It was founded in 2013 and is based in Los Angeles, California and parts of the rest of the Americas, and Europe.

Commercials are not synced with shows and cuts off important or suspenseful parts. I use the web version and iOS app version and have the issue on all 3 of my devices, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Laptop using Google Chrome. I love the app but the MANY technical issues are almost not worth it.

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